bildbau is a shop for architectural visualizations headquartered in Zurich. We create visualizations for professional and expressive presentations of architectural projects.


bildbau gmbh

Räffelstrasse 11

8045 Zürich


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Nowadays, visualizations are almost invariably an important part of project presentations. They communicate as fast and immediate as no other medium and ideally leave a lasting impression. Accordingly, architectural visualizations are utilized across multiple disciplines. 
In the realm of contests, good visualizations convey clear messages with respect to the conceptual design and, moreover, transmit important information regarding materiality, atmosphere, locatlity and functionality.
Visualizations transmit precise impressions of planned structures when advising builders and during the commercialization of projects and they prove to be the cornerstone for effective communication and decision making.


bildbau was founded by architects and accordingly informs its works by drawing heavily from this discipline’s knowledge base.
In addition, we’re experienced in the requirements of contests, as well as advising builders and the commercialization of architectural projects all over Europe.


Every project carries specific boundary conditions and must accordingly be planned on an individual basis at the beginning of the process. We fundamentally design our work processes to be transparent and emphasize keeping our clients informed at all times on project status and progress. Good communication is the key to a successful visualization process.


Malte Kloes | Architect MSc ETH | Co-founder & Partner

Christoph Reichen | Architect MSc ETH | Co-founder & Partner

Fabian Schwindling | Architect BSc | Visual Artist


At the moment, we are not looking to extend our team.